My grandfather's research technique - Index, Proto-Zettelkasten, Paper

My father recently sent me a study/research-guide that my grandfather had printed in 1984 for his students called “Introduction to the Study of Eastern Church History”. He was a history professor researching Eastern Christianity and wrote his dissertation about “The Jacobite Church in the Age of the Syrian Renaissance”. I never met him, but judging from stories and evidenced by this text he was a meticulous researcher and took his work very seriously.

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Actor's Concepts and Inventing Discovery

Can you play chess without knowing that you are doing so? Take a second to think about it - is this at all possible? I would argue that you can’t - you need to know the rules and you need to have some sort of language to communicate with your opponent that “checkmate” means the game is over. The language in which you do this doesn’t matter - English, French, German, Sign Language…all that matters is that you know the rules and can distinguish the figures.

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