Roam Research

A short (preliminary) guide to Spaced Repetition in Roam Research

Note: This workflow builds on a very new feature of Roam that’s still quite rough around the edges. But it’s very powerful already, and I’ll link to updated workflows as this feature develops. Roam Research just released a new feature that - while still the absolute MVP and rough around the edges - already offers a fantastic way of doing Spaced Repetition in Roam. For very thorough primers on what Spaced Repetition is and why you should absolutely do it, check these essays by Gwern and Michael Nielsen.

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Getting Started with Algorithms of Thought

If you’re in the orbit of Roam Research and the #roamcult, one term you might have come across more and more is that of an “Algorithm of Thought”. But what actually is that, and how do you use it? Broadly, algorithms are step-by-step procedures for solving problems or achieving an end [Merriam Webster]. Algorithms of Thought then are procedures for thinking through a problem or situation to solve it.

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A Gruvbox Theme for Roam Research

One of the fun things about Roam Research is that you can very easily style the appearance of your database using CSS. I’ve been fond of the gruvbox color-scheme for a while, so I’ve built one for Roam. I’m using Azlen Elza’s incredible Zenith theme as a basis for it - the result looks like this: Figure 1: Gruvbox Light Roam Theme The above graphic also shows you how to install the theme and the adjustments I’ve made.

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