Tana Templates


Tana is an incredibly powerful tool – but this power comes with a learning curve that can sometimes feel steep if you want to take full advantage of Tana's features. That's why I have collected carefully designed and well-tested templates that you can use to save yourself time in setting up your workspace – and that you can build upon!

Screenshot of a Live Search in Tana for nodes tagged as #book
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Tanarian Brain

Tanarian Brain unites PARA, GTD, Zettelkasten, and more in Tana to bring you what you've always been looking for: flow.

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The Ultimate PARA Template for your Second Brain in Tana

If you want to use Tiago Forte's proven PARA methodology in Tana, this template is for you.

Connect your projects to the goals you have in life areas - and supplement them with tighly linked resources.