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Insights from Tana's first Reddit AMA

Whether you're using Tana, Notion, or any other tool to manage knowledge and collaborate – that's the one thing you want to avoid.

Knowledge Management

Avoid High Modernist Design in your Knowledge Base

Whether you're using Tana, Notion, or any other tool to manage knowledge and collaborate – that's the one thing you want to avoid.


NASA's ADLR Framework for Lessons Learned

How NASA structures their lessons learned and how you can implement this for yourself


How to create an Alias in Tana

A quick step-by-step guide for setting aliases in Tana


You're a Computer Athlete

You're likely a professional computer user – you should behave like the athlete that you are


Using Tana's Supertags with Search

Learn how to use Tana's supertags with live searches and create amazing workflows.


Learn how to use Supertags in Tana

Understand the basics of how to use Tana's supertags.


Using Tana's Live Search Feature

Learn how to use Tana's live searches.


Get oriented in Tana's UI

Get started with Tana by exploring its main UI and navigation features.


Everything is a Node in Tana

Learn how to use Tana's nodes.


Data About Nodes - Fields and Tags in Tana

Learn how to leverage Tana's fields and tags to record data about individual nodes.


New Time Units for Higher Productivity

Our common measures of time never worked for me for time management. So I invented my own.

Attention Design

The Input Channel Audit

A quick How To guide for shaping your information diet

Attention Design

Develop Strong Criteria for Input Triage

'How in the world. You need less Twitter in your life.' I had, again, discarded my guard rails of attention design and failed at input triage.

Knowledge Ops

The Seven Questions At The Heart Of Knowledge Ops

Personal Knowledge Management is too restrictive – you want to think about all seven of these questions instead.

Knowledge Ops

The Grazing – Feeding Model of Information Gathering

On the Internet, information is limitless. The Grazing-Feeding Model of Information Gathering helps you know how you're engaging with that information.


Sadly, Constraints Are Real

For the last 15 years I've ignored one fundamental truth: real constraints exist. Here's what I'm trying now.

Algorithm of Thought

Adversarial Reading

Bullshit is everywhere, and these algorithms of thought help you do more adversarial reading.


How to improve a process

With taking notes as an example, let's talk about how to improve any process.


Don't Fiddle With Your Note-Taking System

You should stick to one note-taking system and fiddle with it as little as possible. That's a myth.

Peer Review

Get Rid of Peer Review and Academic Journals

Why to get rid of peer review and academic journals as we know them – and possibly what to do instead.


You Actually Need to Context Switch

Common wisdom says that you need to avoid context switching. That's only half true – sometimes you need to context switch.


How to Context Switch Like a Pro

Context switching is unavoidable – but you can make it less costly by combining a couple of simple strategies.


A Tale of Two Biases: How To Read The News

Counter two frequent biases while reading the news: Selection Bias and Description Bias.

Interstitial Journaling

How to use Roam Research for Interstitial Journaling

Interstitial Journaling is a great technique for minimizing context switching costs and staying productive. Here's how I use it in Roam Reserch.

Academic Workflow

Why You Should Pick Zotero As A Reference Manager

A guide to reference managers, what you should expect from them and why Zotero is the reference manager you should use - whether you're in academia or not.


Behavior First, Theory Second

Behavior and Theory are two heuristics that can help you in deciding between courses and teachers.

Algorithm of Thought

True Algorithms of Thought Have Arrived

Can you imagine being able to transfer 'mental software' between people? It's now possible, by using Algorithms of Thought in Roam Research.

Programming Attention

The Power of Keystone Habits with Roam Research

How to use Roam Research as your keystone habit to regularly revisit writing that is important to you, using the ∆ feature in Roam.

Academic Workflow

Zotero and Roam Research

A guide for using Roam Research together with Zotero to get the most out of your citation metadata.

Spaced Repetition

A short (preliminary) guide to Spaced Repetition in Roam Research

How to use Roam Research's new Delta feature to do Spaced Repetition and never forget anything again.


My grandfather's research technique - Index, Proto-Zettelkasten, Paper

My grandfather's way of doing history research before the computer age. Using paper and a meticulous process, he built something close to a Zettelkasten.


How to cure Highlight Dementia

How to make sure that you never lose insights when reading and highlighting. Because Highlight Dementia is completely preventable.


Actor's Concepts and Inventing Discovery

How discovery became an actor's concept - and what you can use that for. Can you play chess without knowing that you are doing so?


Getting Started with Algorithms of Thought

An introduction to Algorithms of Thought - how they differ from Mental Models and how to use them in Roam Research.


Universal-X - Of Polymaths and other fantastic creatures

There are words you can't use to describe yourself without sounding like an utter ass. Imagine asking someone at a party who they are and they respond with 'Nice to meet you, I'm a brilliant photographer/physicist/writer' - instant, life-long friends you'll be, no?

Algorithm of Thought

The Right to Disagree

Contrary to popular belief, you can't just disagree with someone because you feel like it. You have to __earn__ the right to disagree with someone's position.

Roam Research

A Gruvbox Theme for Roam Research

How to create a Gruvbox-style color theme for Roam Research using Roam's built-in CSS capabilities.

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